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About the Film Festival

Film|Neu 2018
Film|Neu 2018

Welcome to the 26th edition of Film|Neu, Washington’s annual festival of new films from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This year’s films explore challenges that come with the passage of time, navigating identity and personal relationships in an increasingly globalized world, and transformation – in almost every sense of the word.

We open this year’s festival with 3 Days in Quiberon, a poignant black-and-white drama about enigmatic film icon Romy Schneider grappling with her tragic and deeply private personal life. In Magical Mystery, a road movie and exploration of the wild techno scene, we are thrown back into the Germany of the 1990s. While two Austrian friends find fame in exploiting exaggerated stereotypes of their immigrant backgrounds in The Migrumpies, a Swiss teenager goes through a baffling animalistic metamorphosis in Blue My Mind. Curious yet?

Aside from a variety of feature films, we are proud of this year’s diverse selection of shorts that we will showcase on Saturday, November 3, at 2 pm. Before, between, and after film screenings, you are also welcome to relax and enjoy refreshments in our downstairs lobby lounge, designed and conceptualized by the students of the Graduate Practice Studio seminar, under the direction of Professor Thea Scott-Fundling of Marymount University in Arlington. There’s sure to be something for you!

We look forward to welcoming you to screenings at the Landmark E Street Cinema!

Note: All films have English subtitles.

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