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FACE_It! © missingFilms

Goethe on Demand: Bias in technologies

Language DE
Subtitles EN
Genre Documentary
Country Germany
Year 2019
Director Gerd Conradt
With Dorothee Bär, Sigrid Weigel, Julius von Bismarck, padeluun, Peter Weibel, Holger Kunzmann
Production missingFilms (Berlin)
Length 80 minutes
FSK Film 0 years
Festivals / Awards 2020 Design-Bienale (BIO 26) c/o Goethe- Institut Ljubljana, Slowenia

Who owns the face that has become a numerical code?

This is the question asked by German film director Gerd Conradt in a film centred on addressing the social consequences of the new Facial Action Coding System (FACS) technology. The FACS technology is already used at the Berlin Südkreuz railway station, where passengers’ faces are recorded with cameras and automatically identified. Data privacy specialists, artists and the German State Minister for Digitalisation all have their say in response to this core question – and the outcome is a documentary film that offers diverse perspectives and does not hesitate to classify technological progress in either optimistic or critical terms.

Available from November 18 Watch film now