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  • Tailored close-up of a man's face on a black backround with lettering Bias Daniele Silvestri


Daniele Silvestri
Country: Italy

Twitter Daniele Silvestri

Daniele Silvestri © private Daniele Silvestri is a design student based in Rome.
This poster addresses the way in which we subconsciously categorize, often by gender, the faces we see. Even when we have little information, it’s a fact that in most cases we allow such instant categorization to take effect, pushing us to reach an immediate conclusion. The artist uses the AR layer to peek behind the curtain of the ambiguous, initial image fraction. As more of the image is revealed, we revise our initial assessment and reach a less definitive conclusion. His intervention challenges the process of instant classification – thereby turning a dead-end typographical “period” into a transitional, in-process “comma.”
When we use a period, we want to end a sentence. A comma, by contrast, declares the addition of further information. When we are profiled by algorithms, we are surrounded by periods that somehow want to determine with certainty our personalities in order to anticipate our behaviors. What if those periods were actually commas? We are more than what we search for on the internet.