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Radical Diversity

Discussion Series
Radical Diversity

The societies of Europe and North America are multi-faceted and complex, with many people from multitudes of different faith-based, ideological, cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. Right-wing extremism, everyday racism and racialized microaggressions, and pressure to “assimilate” – all of these constructs affecting racialized minorities result from an inability and unwillingness to respect and appreciate the radical diversity that underscores our societies. Words like “belonging” and “identity” are buzzwords often referring to problems allegedly stemming from the extent of diversity in our societies.


Radical Diversity: Houston © Goethe-Institut

Radical Diversity: Seattle © Goethe-Institut

Radical Diversity Mexiko © Goethe-Institut

Radical Diversity: Montreal © Goethe-Institut

Radical Diversity: Boston ©Goethe-Institut

Radical Diversity DC - Key Visual © Goethe-Institut

Radical Diversity San Francisco - Key Visual © Goethe-Institut

About the project

How is radical diversity approached in Germany and North America? What can we learn from one another by taking a deeper look at the components of radical diversity and the different perspectives on them?
Max Czollek (“De-integrate Yourselves”) and Mohamed Amjahid (“Among Whites: What It Means to Be Privileged”) are two Millennial generation voices that have emerged from Germany in recent years. With a critical, multidimensional approach, Czollek and Amjahid examine the challenges faced by German and North American societies, as well as various visions for progress, by discussing them with experts in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Our Partners

“Radical Diversity” is a discussion series presented by several Goethe-Institut locations in North America in collaboration with its Goethe Pop Ups, the Thomas Mann House, and the Institute for Social Justice & Radical Diversity under the sponsorship of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung North America.


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