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2010 | 119 min.

By Wieland Speck


Director: Tom Tykwer | Germany, 2010 | 119 minutes | Color
Languages: German and English with German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese subtitles
Rental formats: DVD, 35 mm
US distributor: Strand Releasing
World distributor: The Match Factory
Availabe at: Goethe-Institut (Film Catalogue)

THREE by Tom Tykwer (2010). When the question of desire and longing arises outside the conventional corset, the world is quickly plunged into wild waters. This requires courage and suffering, without which one would not have the courage. In this film, there are no subcultural negotiations; normal life is on display and the ways it can take when individuals make their own decisions without legal or moral interference.
Having won a Silver Lion in Venice for his 2001 short film Friends, Jan Krüger is undoubtedly a next-generation talent. In “Rückenwind,” he tells a magically gentle, dreamy story. Two boys on a bike ride through deserted Brandenburg find themselves innocently lost in nature – life as a post-emancipatory, poetic children’s birthday party. The laconic romanticism of young Germans, and the longing for it, is at the heart of this film.
With his film recommendations (in UPPERCASE) Wieland Speck traces central themes of social development in Germany. The recommendations are accompanied by additional proposals (in "quotes").