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2011 | 97 min.

By Wieland Speck



Director: Sabine Bernardi | Germany, 2011 | 97 minutes | Color
US distributor: Strand Releasing
World distributor: Pro-Fun Media 

In ROMEOS by Sabine Bernardi (2011), questions arise for which not even today’s most progressive societies have developed culturally satisfactory answers. Even though all mythologies provide examples of transsexuality, the topic still rattles the foundations of contemporary society. The extent to which the gender dichotomy makes holistic humanity impossible is painfully on display as Lukas – at first a gay man in a female body – makes his way to a male body. But solidarity and the effort to accept and understand show how our societies can become more inclusive, diverse, and human. Classically told, the film works with authentic actors and lots of charm.
With his film recommendations (in UPPERCASE) Wieland Speck traces central themes of social development in Germany. The recommendations are accompanied by additional proposals (in "quotes").