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2013 | 79 min.
Two Mothers

By Wieland Speck


Regie: Anne Zohra Berrached | Germany, 2013 | 79 minutes | Color
North America distributor: (until May 2020) TLA Releasing
World distributor: m-appeal

TWO MOTHERS by Anne Zohra Berrached (2013). This is the age of the queer family. The two protagonists are only beginning to understand how much determination they need to go down this absurdly stony road. Katja and Isabella want a child but realize that this otherwise so vehemently inoculated categorical imperative in our society is not intended for a female couple. A decision that is made out of love for oneself and for life step by step turns into an institutional challenge that hits financial limits. The question why and what for soon arises. The film is a crash course in lesbian childbearing and is certain to spark interest everywhere. (Documentary feature film)

With his film recommendations (in UPPERCASE) Wieland Speck traces central themes of social development in Germany. The recommendations are accompanied by additional proposals (in "quotes").