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Local Advisor Guadalajara
Mario Wandu

Mario Wandu © Mario Wandu Mario Wandu is a visual artist and independent curator from Guadalajara, Jalisco. He has developed interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary contemporary art projects in the field of culture management and other projects in the field of curatorship and education with a focus on human rights, gender perspective and queer dissidence.

One example is the San Juan de Dios Art Laboratory which has gone through various stages since 2013. In its beginnings, it was a project at a specific site, aimed at the children who were working at the biggest roofed market in Latin America, the Libertad market, better known as San Juan de Dios. It has now become a project for itinerant autonomous management.

Additionally, he worked on the project Save the Artist, a fake civil association that organizes exhibitions and virtual events, which criticizes the hegemonic powers that control the heritage vision in contemporary art, and in which international artists and cultural agents have participated.

He has also participated in developing the educational and curatorial contents of excellence projects of the Goethe Institut, for example in the exhibition Geniale Dilettanten in Guadalajara, Mexico, a collaboration between BEZIRK Goethe Zentrum Guadalajara, Goethe-Institut Mexico and Goethe-Institut Munich.

Other important curatorial and educational projects have been the interdisciplinary exhibition Cyclepedia as the Mexican contribution for the International Bicycle Film Festival, the performance exhibition Art Action for the gallery SalaVeinte22, bringing together the work of 36 artists from different latitudes, and the coordination of the museology plan for the children’s museum Globo of Guadalajara, Mexico.

He is currently an educator at the Museo Cabañas and co-director of the cultural company Manifiesta México.