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Local Advisor in New York City
Jordan Reeves

I've always been a community builder, but now feel that I am doing that in a way that makes the world a better place through the work I do at VideoOut.

Portrait of Jordan Reeves © Jordan Reeves I have always been passionate about loving people. But, I didn't realize how hard it was to fully love others when I didn't fully love myself. When I heard Cliff Simon share his story about being happy as an LGBTQ person, I realized that I was lying to myself and everyone around me. Cliff's story saved my life. When I came out, I was free to be me. For the first time, I loved myself and those around me. Coming out was a milestone - a coming of age - a defining moment for me that sparked my passion for activism and social change through storytelling.

When the Goethe-Institut approached me to consult on “Queer as German Folk,“ I couldn't think of a single reason to say no. LGBTQ+ stories are critical, especially when equality for so many of us hangs in the balance.

One thing unites the “Queer as German Folk“ panels, and that's the voices of the panelists. All queer people from around the world. How beautiful!

We are thrilled to help provide context and community to the panels around the world, and are grateful to Goethe-Institut for highlighting incredible voices.


Jordan Reeves grew up in Hueytown, Alabama in a devoutly religious home. Along with most of the people around him, Jordan identified as fundamentally conservative. At the age of 18, Jordan said out loud for the very first time, "I am gay," but it would take him another five years before he told anyone else.

That's why he started VideoOut - so that everyone would know that they are not alone. Jordan identifies as queer and non-binary, and has worked on projects for TED, AARP, NextDayBetter, Understood.org, and Goethe Institute, among others. He is a happy vegan living in Brooklyn, NY.


VideoOut is a nonprofit organization based in Brooklyn, NY. For three years, it has traveled the United States to amplify LGBTQ+ voices for local advocacy. There are hundreds of stories in the VideoOut library that are freely available via the website, videoout.org. They have produced dozens of programs around the United States, partnering with local organizations embedded in communities of queer folks, identifying and collaboratively solving some of the toughest challenges facing LGBTQ+ people. One story is important, several stories are powerful, but all of our stories together are an unstoppable force that demands equality, equity, and liberation.