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Our Learning Concept

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  • Goal-oriented & clearly structured
  • Engaging and modern teaching methods
  • Adaptable to fit students needs
  • Germany's offical cultural Institut

German Courses Beyond Compare:
Why our learning method is the best

  • Learning in a group, one-on-one or specialized courses

    Our courses are designed with you in mind: personal, flexible and adhering to the highest standards. No matter if you are at a beginner's level or more advanced, which aspect of your German you'd like to improve, or how you would like to organize your study time – choose whatever suits you best with our wide range of online course options.

  • Classes made to fit your schedule

    Navigating between work, family, and friends can sometimes make it challenging to accommodate German classes in your schedule. That's why we provide flexible class timings, including mornings, afternoons and evenings. Whether you prefer group sessions or personalized one-on-one instruction, our seamless transition between these learning formats ensures that your language learning journey progresses effortlessly. Stay on track with your linguistic goals through our adaptable and convenient options.

  • Interactive & engaging

    Our interactive learning platform gives you access to contemporary, engaging and fun exercises that offer much more than just basic vocabulary memorization. In our group classes, the teachers will adapt the curriculum and teaching method to suit the needs of the students - guaranteeing your German learning success.

  • Professional, proficient and personable

    The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute, active worldwide. We promote the study of German abroad and encourage international cultural exchange.

    Our teachers are specially trained to teach German as a foreign language and regularly receive further training from us to ensure our teaching excellence.

  • Our course system

    Our German language courses align with the six levels outlined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, enabling precise skill assessment and global comparability. These standardized courses span across all Goethe-Institut branches worldwide, ensuring seamless learning continuity regardless of your starting point or future language exploration.

Which German level is right for me?
Are you taking one of our German courses for the first time? Our individual assessment helps us quickly determine which course level is right for you.

Individual assessment

Our German Courses
Explore our wide range of course formats - from online group courses, one-on-one instruction to German courses for kids and teens.

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