Vocabulary trainer app

Learn German on the go with the Goethe-Institut’s vocabulary trainer app. The Goethe-Institut’s new mobile vocabulary trainer helps you to practise and improve your German by adding new words to your vocabulary even on the go

Download the vocab lists offered by the Goethe-Institut for different proficiency levels, learn your own words using the index card system or work with a German course using flashcards from the learning platform.

Learning system

Click “New Content” and “Find Topic” to download lists of words offered free of charge by the Goethe-Institut. The vocabulary trainer must be connected to the Internet to use this function. You can also use the app to enter and learn words of your own choice.

The app allows you to learn new vocabulary with an index card system comprising five “boxes”. The basic principle of this system is that a new word will stick in your long-term memory once you have marked it as “known” five times.

Connecting vocabulary trainer with the learning platform

To establish a connection with your course rooms on the learning platform, log on to the app and learning platform by clicking “User Login” and entering your “My Goethe” user name and password.