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German for children

This page features free-of-charge materials for teaching young children from pre-K to 5th grade. Learn how to teach CLIL, combine German and STEM or bring techniques of mindfulness into your German classroom. Brush up on the theory and methods of teaching this age group. Find out how we support German learning at an early age in the U.S. through our main program, SPARK for German.

Multimedia digital platform

Mit Deutsch weißt du mehr! © Goethe-Institut / Kids Interactive

GERMAN AND STEM: The digital Kinderuniversity

The Kinderuniversity is a free of charge online platform for children (age 8-12 years old), teachers, and parents. There are three disciplines -- humanities, natural sciences, and technology -- and 30 lectures. Each lecture is in English with German subtitles. Didactic materials, videos, and lesson plans for each lecture are available for teachers. 

Pre-K - 2nd grade

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Social Studies Unit in Kindergarten

Lesson plans, worksheets and presentations for a complete social studies unit (6 lessons) for students with no prior knowledge of German at the kindergarten level. 

Knacks der kleine Waschbaer © Goethe-Institut

Knacks, der kleine Waschbär

What does Knacks the racoon look like? What does he eat? How does he spend his day? Introduce children playfully to German grammar and easy sentence structures. 

Felix Franzi © Goethe-Institut

German with Felix and Franzi

Felix the Frog and Franzi the Lady Duck are two handpupetts who live in a typical German mailbox and tell stories abour their new home, England. Materials include videos, texts and extensive lesson plans. 

 © Silies/Nachtmann

Deutsch mit Socke

A WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) film series for children (age 5-8). Esther and Socke discuss a variety of topics and talk about their feelings in 13 short episodes. 

Upper elementary (3-5 grade)

A Glimpse of German(y) ©Goethe-Institut Boston

A glimpse of German(y)

In ten theme-based sessions, students get a glimpse of the language and culture of the German-speaking countries: Food, music, school, hobbies, holidays, sustainability, and so much more. 

Mit Deutsch weißt du mehr! © Goethe-Institut / Kids Interactive

German and STEM: 10 Selected Lectures

How does 3D printing work? Where and how do ants and spiders live? Ten lectures help you organically combine German and STEM and increase the motivation to learn German. 

Kinder Experimentieren © Goethe-Institut

Experiment in German

15 CLIL modules with experiments and observations of water, magnetism, plants, cars, materials, air, time, weight, oil and lipids, gas, human body, animals, nature, earth and sun. 

Karla und Kai © Goethe-Institut

German with Karla and Kai

Karla the Roach and Kai the Maybug take children on a journey. Materials include two books with six chapters each, videos, texts and lesson plans. 

 Photo (detail): © picture alliance/imageBROKER

Celebrations and traditions

Birthday celebrations, first day of school, Carnival, Christmas? What celebrations are important in Germany? Obtain ready-made PPTs and lesson plans for your culturally informed instruction. 

Maerchenwald © Goethe-Institut

Fairy tales

Aschenputtel, Froschkönig, Bremer Stadtmusikanten, Dornröschen,   Hänsel und Gretel, Frau Holle? Download texts, lesson plans and pictures for famous German fairy-tales. 

Bohnenpflanze © iStock / BogWan

CLIL Unit: My bean plant

Combine German and biology lessons (students in grades 3 & 4). In 7 lessons, the children learn how to grow a bean plant. They observe the germination process and learn to describe it in German.

Klimaplakat © Adobestock

Magazine "Lingo macht MINT"

How to combine topics such as geography, biology, technology, sustainability, physics with German skills? Lingo macht MINT is versatile platform for tasks and ideas. E-zine and app available. 

deutschlandflug © Goethe-Institut

App: Deutsch.Land.Flug

Fly over Germany. Get to know 26 German cities from above and at the street level, explore German culture and inventions, and learn about how to build basic sentences in German. 

Programs and resources for pre-K and elementary students in the U.S.

Spark for German © Spark for German

Spark for German

A joint project between the Goethe-Institut and the American Association of Teachers of German, SPARK for GERMAN provides professional development for future German instructors and enables students across the United States to start learning German at an early age.

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German dual language programs

A central informational portal and a meeting point for administrators, teachers, parents, and everyone else involved in establishing or running German immersion programs as part of formal educational system in the U.S.

Teacher helps elementary students ©Goethe-Institut e.V.

German for after-school programs

Blueprints, pilot projects, and materials for running German afterschool programs in the U.S. For educational leaders and teachers. 

Let's Explore Modern Germany © TOP / Goethe-Institut Washington

TOP's Modern Germany for elementary teachers

Comprehensive lessons in English on historical and contemporary Germany that can be easily integrated into preexisting curricula: Geography, Contemporary life, History, and Grimm brothers and other tales. 

Classroom management: motoric pre-teaching activities

Fokus Lernen © Goethe-Institut

Mindfulness activities

Focus students’ attention at the beginning of each lesson with short exercises for 10 weeks. Additional material can be used to calm students’ nerves before exams or to center a class that has lost focus. 

Kinder auf der Wiese © Colourbox

'FUNology' for elementary students

It’s time for fun and laughter! Here you can browse through our game collection: fun dialogues, activity games, ring games, vocabulary games, etc.

German for your classroom

Buttons small © Goethe-Institut / Bettina Siegwart

Advertising Kits

Order standardized advertising kits: infomational brochures, printed material to help grow your German program, fun items to decorate your classroom or small prizes to motivate your students. 

Plakatausstellung teaser © Goethe-Institut

Poster exhibitions

Borrow poster exhibitions for your classroom. Free of charge. Topics: German fairy tales, inventions, geography or music. 

Glassblaeser BKD Kalender © ZB-FUNKREGIO OST; Fotograf: Matthias Bein (Ausschnitt)

Bildungskooperation Deutsch Calendar

Order your BKD calendar, with practice materials for every month. The 2021 calendar focuses on sustainability.