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Information for students

Why join SPARK for German?

SPARK for German provides you with the opportunity to work closely with your teacher or professor and other German students to implement after school programming for younger students. This experience allows you to practice your German and to teach German in a stress-free environment.

  • You will share your passion for the German language and the cultures of the German-speaking world and will receive stipends to advance your own language skills and to learn more about the art and science of teaching German.
  • Your school or university might be able to offer you credit for your work, you might be able to fulfill graduation requirements like service-learning hours, and you will gain your first professional experience.
  • Your involvement with SPARK will look great on your resume and your teachers will be able to write more detailed letters of recommendation.
  • You will meet German educators and students from across the US and will have access to a lot of resources to learn more about learning and teaching German as a life-long endeavor that can shape your academic and professional career and your personal life.

How can you get involved with SPARK for German?

  • Consider joining a SPARK Lab and become a SPARK instructor!
  • Ask your German teacher or professor to consider working with SPARK for German!
  • Direct teachers and school officials to our website so they can learn about SPARK and get in touch with us!
  • Contact your local school district to ask about German! If no German is offered, be sure to ask your district to consider offering German!
  • Email us at! We are happy to support you and your personal, academic, and professional goals! Whether you want to learn German for pleasure or for professional reasons or want to become a German teacher, German is a great future for all students!