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A Conversation with Holocaust Survivor, Inge Auerbacher

This event is offered in a hybrid format. Selected classes will be invited in person to the Goethe-Institut in New York City. If you and your classe(s) are interested in this conversation, you are welcome to participate in an online format. The event will be held in English. Registration in advance is required. 

Event Registration

Event Description

The Goethe-Institut New York will host a compelling event with Inge Auerbacher, an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor. This encounter will take place on February 7 and is designed to foster insightful and enlightening discussions with students in New York City and across the United States. On the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which will be honored on January 27, 2024, Inge Auerbacher will give an introduction to her eventful life. She will describe her life's journey and lay the foundation for the subsequent Q&A session, which will encourage reflection. Students are cordially invited to ask questions and actively participate in an insightful dialog with Inge Auerbacher. 
In addition, a virtual project developed by StoryFile in collaboration with Meta and in partnership with UNESCO, the World Jewish Congress and the Claims Conference will be presented at this event. Tell me, Inge... is an immersive, dialogic XR experience based on the memories of Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher. Users can experience Inge Auerbacher's testimony in VR and 360 WEBXR and ask her questions. The project combines StoryFile's "Conversational Video AI" technology with hand-drawn 3D 360-degree animations. This tool is accessible via both browser and VR, giving users flexibility to use the program in different formats and in different curricular contexts. The Claims Conference has carefully created teacher materials that are publicly available and can be easily accessed here. In further events in this series, we will take a closer look at the possibilities of integrating the testimonies of Holocaust survivors into the classroom with the help of XR offerings.

Looking to the future, the Goethe-Institut is striving to expand its support for teachers. In the coming year, we will be presenting further teacher materials. We are also planning comprehensive training workshops to support teachers in the effective implementation of Inge's life story and the Storyfile tool in German lessons.

To watch the event recording, click here