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XR and Game Based Learnign@Colourbox

Beyond Reality

-- This workshop is conducted in German on Zoom and is free of charge. Prior registration is required---

Although digital devices are widely used in classrooms today, "lessons" are still often designed and conducted by the teacher. However, it has become increasingly apparent that neither the use of digital end devices per se nor good lesson planning and implementation seem to be a guarantee for learning success and learner motivation. How can this be explained?

Quite simply: future-oriented learning looks differently. In this online- workshop we will leave familiar paths in teaching pedagogy behind in order to learn how we can support our students in obtaining the skills they will need for their future as responsible world-citizens.

Of particular interest in this context are extended reality (XR), i.e., virtual, mixed and augmented reality, as well as game-based learning. We will use concrete examples and consider various projects, among others from the global Goethe-Institut network to learn how to motivate our learners to actively create and share content in cooperation with fellow learners.


Stephanie Wössner

Stephanie Wössner is a freelance consultant and speaker for future-oriented learning with a focus on extended reality, game-based learning, AI, design and futures thinking and  metaverse. Currently she is a team leader innovation at the Landesmedienzentrum Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 

Stephanie Wössner @Stephanie Wössner