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Chat GPT PD@Colourbox

ChatGPT: Technology is the answer. Remind me again: What was the question?

-- This workshop is conducted in German on Zoom and is free of charge. Prior registration is required---

The world of freely accessible artificial intelligence has changed permanently since December 2022. But what exactly is hidden behind the term AI and what does it mean for teaching that a program that is able to design lesson plans, write applications or even complaints, is so easily accessible?

In this workshop we will work together to identify the opportunities and challenges that are inherent in the integration of ChatGPT in your daily German lesson plans.  

120 minutes #new media #KI #ChatGPT #thinking new ways #learner activation #action orientation #internal differentiation



About the Trainers

Sabine Hellwig @Sabine Hellwig

Sabine Hellwig

Sabine Hellwig works as a product manager at Cornelsen Verlag in Berlin, Germany. In that capacity, she is responsible for an extensive portfolio for German as a world- and second language. She has extensive experience in designing and developing digital applications and is interested in change within the digital world and how we can approach new developments with curiosity and openness. Before joining Cornelsen Verlag, Sabine Hellwig worked in the start-up industry and promoting new media. 

Marje Zschiesche Stock Marje Zschiesche Stock

Marje Zschiesche-Stock

Marje Zschiesche-Stock studied German and English at the University of Göttingen, Germany. She is a certified Deutsch Lehren Lernen trainer, a global course series for German educators and works as an examiner for the Goethe-Institut USA and Canada for all language levels and course formats. She also trains new teachers in pedagogy and digital media. She is a consultant for the Cornelsen-Verlag in the USA and Canada.