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The Goethe-Institut USA awards annual scholarships to German educators: Either to attend professional development trainings in Germany (in- person or remote language courses or methodological trainings) or to attend summer schools in the US. 

Online professional Development @Goethe-Institut

Scholarships for Online Professional Development

The Goethe-Institut USA awards a wide range of scholarships for each training included in the teacher training portfolio. Check with the specific training you are interested in. 

Goethe-Institut Tunis; Sprachlerner im Deutschunterricht Bernhard Ludewig 2012

Scholarships for In-Person Professional Development in Germany

Would you like to attend in-person professional development trainings in Germany? Chose between language courses or topic-specific courses. 

Goethe Spracharbeit Goethe-Institut/Fran Seco

Scholarships for Summer Schools in the USA

The Goethe-Institut awards scholarships to attend summer schools on German as-a-foreign-language instruction in the USA.

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Scholarships for the International German Teacher Conference (IDT)

The IDT is one of the largest conferences for German teachers globally, taking place in Vienna, Austria from August 15-22, 2022. Goethe-Institut stipends have been awarded and the application process closed.