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The Goethe-Institut USA awards annual scholarships to German educators: Either to attend professional development trainings in Germany (in- person or remote language courses or methodological trainings) or to attend summer schools in the US. 

Online professional Development @Goethe-Institut

Scholarships for Online Professional Development

The Goethe-Institut USA awards a wide range of scholarships for each training included in the teacher training portfolio. Check with the specific training you are interested in. 

Goethe-Institut Tunis; Sprachlerner im Deutschunterricht Bernhard Ludewig 2012

Scholarships for In-Person Professional Development in Germany

Would you like to attend in-person professional development trainings in Germany? Chose between language courses or topic-specific courses. 

IDT 2025 IDT

Scholarships for the IDT 2025

The International German Teacher Conference (IDT) is one of the largest conferences for German teachers globally. Scholarship applications to the IDT 2025 in Lübeck will be accepted until June 30, 2024.