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Only courses with a location of Goethe-Institut Boston are held in-person at 170 Beacon Street. Most course options are conducted entirely in virtual classrooms. Use the "location" filter to find in-person courses.

To participate in virtual class meetings, please review the terms and conditions. Students are responsible for ensuring, in advance, that they meet the virtual course criteria. As per our cancellation policy, there are no refunds of class tuition after the first class meeting.  

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Are you new to Goethe? Would you like to experience our virtual classroom sessions? Sign up for our free 45-minute trial sessions!  Sessions above the A1.1 level require prior placement test.   

Young Learners (12-16) A1.1 Saturday, March 25, 12pm EST
Children (6-8) A1.1 Saturday, March 25, 12pm EST
Children (9-11) A1.1 Saturday, March 25, 1pm EST

Spots are limited. To register, please send an email with your name, preferred class and time to:
If you are not sure about your language level, please let us know and we are happy to assist.

Online Course Payments

Please contact your credit card company to ensure approval for fee-free foreign transactions (tuition is processed in Munich). GI-Boston cannot offer refunds for third-party fees. If you require a different payment option, email

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