Gesprächsgruppe (auf Deutsch) Friedrich Nietzsche

Denken auf Deutsch

The Denken auf Deutsch series concerns itself with the texts of the most influential German thinkers as well as contemporary political and social topics. Readings and discussions are in German language and require a skill level of B2 or beyond.

We will be exploring another side of the philosopher who once famously said that "God is dead". In this session, we will explore Friedrich Nietzsche's interest in the human body to answer the question "how we become who we are" and understand the relationship between thinking and asceticism.

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Please note: Masks are optional but all are encouraged to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID. Please monitor yourself for exposure and illness. If you yourself test positive, learn that you have had close contact with a person who has tested positive, or are experiencing symptoms of COVID, we ask that you remain home.