Film The German Lesson

The German Lesson / Deutschstunde © Capelight

Sun, 10/10/2021

1:30 PM

Coolidge Corner Theatre

In a small North German village, a drama plays out during WWII about duty versus individual conscience and morality. Siggi Jepsen is torn between loyalty to his father, a policeman following Nazi orders, and to his godfather, the painter Max Nansen, who is banned from working by the Nazis. Based on the classic novel The German Lesson (Deutschstunde) by Siegfried Lenz.
Germany 2019
Director: Christian Schwochow
Blu Ray, 125 min

Christian Schwochow, born in 1978 in Bergen on the isle of Rügen (GDR), first worked as an author, reporter and video journalist for German television, before he studied at the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. His graduation film was Novemberkind (November Child) in 2007, starring Anna Maria Mühe. It was a big success in cinemas and won several awards. In 2011 his second feature film Die Unsichtbare (Cracks in the Shell) followed. For both movies, he wrote the screenplay together with his mother Heide Schwochow. In 2012, he directed the adaptation of the best-selling novel Der Turm (The Tower) for German TV, which made him one of Germany's leading directors.