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New York
About us

GoetheIP30© Goethe-Institut New York

The Goethe-Institut, Germany’s cultural institute, operates worldwide, promoting knowledge of the German language abroad and fostering international cultural collaborations. Our program of public events offers an opportunity to engage with themes and questions relevant to contemporary German culture and society. Faced with the challenges of globalization, we aim to strengthen intercultural dialogue and a global civil society. There are currently 159 Goethe-Institut branches operating in 98 countries around the world. Combining our cross-cultural expertise with the experiences of our local partners, we support and collaborate with cultural institutions and artists, universities and schools, local authorities and businesses with an interest in Germany and its language and culture.


The Goethe-Institut New York promotes the teaching and learning of the German language throughout the United States. We offer online classes for beginners and more advanced learners. Our language exams are internationally recognized and we work in partnership with certified examination centers throughout the United States.


To strengthen German programs at schools and universities (K–16), the Goethe-Institut New York supports teachers, helps to motivate students to learn German, and liaises  with educators in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We offer workshops by a network of experts across the country and online, introducing German teachers to new instructional materials and methods.


The Goethe-Institut New York presents a range of programming in the arts and humanities, including lectures, artist talks, film screenings, performances, installations, exhibitions, readings, public discussions, and conferences. We address current issues from both German and US perspectives. Working in close collaboration with local and international partners, we aim to build inspiring and long-term relationships.


Our library is open to the public and holds a comprehensive collection of contemporary German literature, the arts, and social sciences as well as translated works and learning material on German as a foreign language. Our eLibrary offers digital media, including e-books, audio and video files, electronic newspapers and magazines for download.

German American Partnership Program

GAPP, Inc. is a non-profit organization sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office and the U.S. State Department and is administered by the Goethe-Institut New York.  It has been supporting U.S. teachers and their students as they participate in reciprocal exchanges with schools in Germany since 1972. All U.S. secondary schools are welcome to participate. As of 2020, an additional virtual exchange program is offered.

German Film Office

The German Film Office is an initiative of the Goethe-Institut and German Films. Our mission is to promote films from Germany to New York and US audiences and to strengthen their presence in art house cinemas, cultural and educational institutions, and digital platforms. In collaboration with local partners, our programs give viewers the opportunity to engage with the entire history of German cinema in a variety of formats.