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Hannah Arendt's New York City

A portrait of Hannah Arendt, cropped to show just her eyes, is overlaid with pink squiggles and white text that says "Hannah Arendt's New York City"

Follow in the footsteps of Hannah Arendt with a self-guided audio walk.

The Upper West Side was Hannah Arendt’s home from 1941 to 1975. This neighborhood on a hill, home to fellow artists, writers, and friends, became a haven from her endless speaking and teaching schedule, which took her around the world. She wrote here, entertained here, taught here, rested here, and it was here where she found the four walls necessary for solitude, friendship, and thinking.

Follow in the footsteps of Hannah Arendt with a self-guided audio walk: trace how she made a home in America, discover where she used to live and how she got her start as a writer. You can download the Gesso app free of charge and walk at your own pace (duration: approx. 90 minutes). If you would like to explore more places connected to Hannah Arendt’s life in the city, come by the Goethe-Institut at 30 Irving Place to get a free print copy of our Hannah Arendt’s New York City map with additional stops. Alternatively, you can download the map here: Hannah Arendt's New York City map

For more information on Thinking is Dangerous, a program on Hannah Arendt, please visit: goethe.de/usa/thinkingisdangerous

The audio walk was written and recorded by Samantha Rose Hill and produced in cooperation with Gesso.