Workshop Kitchen Medicine

Two hands hold a cup of pink herbal tea at a white table, with flowers and herbs scattered on the table © Industry City

2:00pm EST


Herbal medicine is one of the oldest and most enduring human traditions. As with many cultural practices, traditional medicinal knowledge cultivated by indigenous people, non-white populations, and women has been suppressed over centuries of colonial, racist, and sexist violence; while much of that knowledge has been lost, people across cultures have continued to heal themselves with herbs and food.

Because Western medicine has overshadowed traditional medicine, it can be overwhelming to find reliable information and to learn about these practices today. In this workshop, certified herbalist Rachelle Robinett provides an entry point into herbalism. Starting with her philosophy that "plants are our food, food is our medicine," you'll how to use easy-to-find ingredients to promote health and how to incorporate plants into your everyday life.

This event will be held online on Zoom - please RSVP to attend.

Rachelle Robinett is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Herbalist, and Founder of Supernatural - a plant-based real-world wellness initiative. Rachelle combines her knowledge of herbal and traditional medicine, plant–based nutrition, and habit remodeling into holistic solutions for busy individuals seeking best-being in their bodies and minds. Rachelle maintains a private coaching practice in New York, and is the mastermind behind HRBLS: herbal remedy gummies for stress-anxiety relief and energy-endurance.  Her passions include publishing, teaching, speaking, well-being advocacy, and exploring plants in far-away places.