Film Screening Country Noise

Country Noise © Johannes Müller



A film by Lisa Miller

The German Film Office is pleased to present Lisa Miller’s award-winning film Country Noise as part of its monthly German Movie Nights series. The film will be available to viewers across the United States. 

After years of living it up in Berlin, with two degrees in the bag and no meaningful job, Toni is having an identity crisis. Penniless, she decides to leave city life behind and returns to the village whose narrow confines she once fled. But this new beginning is not quite as expected. As an intern in the local paper, Toni feels undervalued; at home, her overbearing parents don’t give her enough breathing room. Then she meets the buoyant Rosa. Wild scooter rides through the old stomping grounds and nightly outings bring her back to life. But the more Rosa feels attracted to the beautiful Toni, the more explosive their friendship becomes, for Toni is entirely self-absorbed. When her depression returns, the newly found idyll begins to crumble.

Country Noise tells the story of two women searching for identity in a rural setting that is facing increasing challenges from an ever more complex world. A mix of documentary footage and amateur actors speaking in their own vernacular helps recreate an authentic village within a fictional story that both reflects and subverts conventional narrative patterns as well as elements of popular theater and Heimatfilm.

Country Noise was produced independently with the support of a crowdfunding campaign and local sponsors. In 2018, the film won Best Feature Film and Best Screenplay as well as the Ecumenical Jury Prize at the Max Ophüls Preis film festival.

Dir. Lisa Miller
With Kathi Wolf, Nadine Sauter, Heidi Walcher, Karl Fischer, Volkram Zschiesche, Rupert Markthaler
Germany, 2017
102 minutes