Four Nights and a Wall

Four Nights and A wall Jeong-A Seong

The Birth of German-Jewish Philosophy out of the Current Theology

Four Nights and a Wall presents theological political fragments of German-Jewish philosophy before the Shoah. A hundred years after the publication of Franz Rosenzweig's The Star of Redemption (1921) artist and filmmaker Udi Aloni, and the chair of philosophy at New School professor Omri Boehm are hosting an event series comprising of four evenings following the vertices of the star of redemption (Revelation, Creation, Redemption). 

The series is a contemplation within the framework of Walter Benjamin, Franz Rosenzweig and Gershom Sholem. It is inspired by the tradition of "Freies Jüdisches Lehrhaus" (Free Jewish School) aiming to make these authors accessible to a wider audience outside academia. 

This series will also include an art exhibition featuring new video works and paintings by Udi Aloni. Each evening will be introduced by either Udi Aloni or Omri Boehm; guests include Arielle Angel, Slavoj Zizek (via Zoom), professor Meron Mendel, professor Haviva Pedaya, and musician Rasha Nahas.