Workshop Just in Time: Write your own letters to dance

Just in Time ©deufertundplischke


Goethe-Institut New York

30 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003

As part of Berlin-based choreographers deufert&plischke's Just in Time project, we warmly invite you to a letter-writing workshop with project coordinator Kareth Schaffer.

In the workshop we will be handwriting letters to dance. After a short introduction to the project, we will move through a series of exercises in which we examine our multi-faceted experiences with dance and dancing: through guided meditation, performative games, and discussion. We will connect our memories of dance to the nostalgic act of writing a letter, and end our time together by producing our own personal documents contributing to a grassroots and experiential history of dance in NYC.

Be a part of a community-based and contemporary art project that has already been to Berlin and Tel Aviv!

Participation in the workshop is free, all ages and abilities are welcome. The letter can be written in whichever language you desire. Please RSVP to