Conference FACETS Un-Conference on Art and Artificial Intelligence

Conversations with Bina48 © Stephanie Dinkins © Stephanie Dinkins


Goethe-Institut New York

Conversations with Bina48, robotic chat bot, Stephanie Dinkins, 2014-ongoing. Courtesy of the artist

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Started in 2015, FACETS is an interdisciplinary ‘un-conference’ focused on furthering marginalized voices at the intersections of art, technology, and engineering. Past editions have focused on DIY tech and the commodification of hacking. FACETS is driven by questions, by culture, and by ethically-minded innovation. Last year’s un-conference explored the question: “How has the general co-option of the words ‘hack, hacking, hacker’ affected tech culture, from an infrastructural, technical and artistic standpoint?”
This year’s focus is on Art and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and will explore the future of activism, data science, and bias within machine learning and artificial intelligence. AI is—yet again—undergoing a renaissance, but this time more artists and laypeople are interested, involved, and discussing it. Chatbots are now implemented across many websites, stores, and domains. Machine learning is used almost everywhere, from the peripheral objects in our day-to-day lives to bureaucratic systems. It’s as amazing as it is terrifying.
The FACETS Un-Conference format creates a dialogue between attendees and speakers, engaging in open questions and honest feedback. This year’s speakers include Allison Parrish, Kenric McDowell, Stephanie Dinkins, Tamiko Thiel, Mimi Onuoha, Sara Watson, as well as many others. One of our keynotes is a special guest to be announced the day of the conference.
FACETS was created by Caroline Sinders, Jane Friedhoff, Mohini Dutta, and Phoenix Perry.


Caroline Sinders (FACETS founder/director)
Tamiko Thiel (conference co-organizer)

Ethical Machine Learning/Inherent Bias – When Machines Decide the Fates of Humans
Sara Watson, moderator
Stephanie Dinkins 
Mimi Onuoha
Kovas Boguta

Talk to Me! – How (Should) Humans and AI Talk with Each Other
Melanie Hoff, moderator
Allison Parrish
Francis Tseng
Judith Donath

Lunch Break


A (Realistic) Future of AI – What Can/Is AI Research Really Aiming for in the Near Future?
Kenric McDowell, moderator
Ida Momennejad
Madeleine Elish

AI and Data Security
Caroline Sinders, moderator
Kate Crawford
Jer Thorp
& special guest