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Goethe Pop Up Kansas City

Goethe Pop Up Kansas City

Goethe Pop Up Kansas City
1914 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday : 12PM to 6PM
First Fridays: 12PM to 9PM
See Calendar for additional event times

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“Lest we Forget” in Kansas City


Goethe Pop Up Kansas City welcomes everyone to join us at our cultural event space in the Crossroads Arts District during the Year of German-American Friendship 2018/19.

As part of the year-long “Wunderbar Together” program, we seek to promote cultural exchange between American and international artists. Through art exhibitions, music, dance, and theatre performances, film screenings and more, we hope to serve as a platform for this exchange of shared values and ideas. We invite all to visit our space where we will have German literature and newspapers available to read, children’s activities, language clubs, and other smaller events planned during weekdays. Come meet us and learn more about what we have planned for this next year, and the ways in which Germany and America can remain “Wunderbar Together!”

Director: Jutta Behnen Jutta Behnen
Jutta Behnen was born in Cologne, Germany. After graduating from Humboldt-University in Berlin she worked as a consultant and lecturer in German as a Foreign Language and Theatre in Germany (Berlin, Bonn) as well as in Belarus, Uzbekistan, France, England, and the U.S. She has been living in Kansas City, Missouri since 2017 and is excited to be part of the Year of German-American Friendship for the Goethe-Institut. She wants the Pop Up to be an open space for exchanges between the German and American cultures in the heartland of the USA. 

Gabriel Freis Program Coordinator: Gabriel Freis
Gabriel Freis comes from Portland, Oregon. After majoring in English and Creative Writing at Portland State University, he continued living in the Pacific Northwest before relocating to Kansas City with an interest in the Midwest’s burgeoning art and music scene. With a background in content writing and customer service, he hopes to discover new perspectives and connect with both local and international artists in the Crossroads Arts District. He looks forward to exploring both the physical and cultural landscapes of his new home throughout the next year. 

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