Exhibition “HAZE | Trübe” by Luftwerk

Luftwerk © Luftwerk

Fri, 12/07/2018 -
Tue, 01/22/2019

Goethe Pop Up Kansas City

Goethe Pop Up Kansas City welcomes the German-American artistic collaboration of Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero (Luftwerk) as they kickoff their month-long exhibition with us on First Friday. Come join us for the first night of this very exciting exhibition in the framework of the Year of German American Friendship.

Experimenting with light conditions – from day to night, light to dark – Luftwerk’s color-coded wallpaper is activated through shifting color interactions and perceptions. These principles of light and color interactions are inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Theory of Colors. “HAZE | Trübe” explores how color lives between light and dark and how this interaction affects spatial sensibilities. This exhibition reveals Luftwerk’s interest in the effects of gradient of light.

About Luftwerk

Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero © Luftwerk Light and color are primary elements in work by Luftwerk – the artistic collaborative of Petra Bachmaier (Germany) and Sean Gallero (USA). Luftwerk´s art installations use light to transform experiences of space and site. With immersive artwork at landmarks such as AT&T Plaza in Chicago’s Millennium Park, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater” in Pennsylvania, Mies van der Rohes “Farnsworth House” in Illinois, or Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory to name a few, their work blends history and contemporary media to open new aesthetic conversations within public spaces. Luftwerk recently completed a site specific light art installation commissioned by 21c Museum Hotel Kansas City “Linear Sky”.

Luftwerk’s art installations use light to transform experiences of space and site. They explore the properties of light, its composition and inherent qualities to reveal the visible and hidden characteristics of our surroundings. Through their work, they manipulate and sculpt light to discover how it materializes and dematerializes surface and environment. Luftwerk takes an interdisciplinary approach, experimenting with a spectrum of materials and techniques to advance the artistic medium. Their work intends to shift viewer’s perceptions of space and site through light and color, opening new conversations by inviting the public to experience the familiar transformed.