Film Screening Pop Up Film Haus: Solo Sunny

Solo Sunny Photo (detail): © PROGRESS Film-Verleih/ Foto Dieter Lück

Wed, 03/20/2019


Stray Cat Film Center

What´s left? Films from former East Germany

As part of the 2018-2019 initiative Year of German-American Friendship, encompassed by the motto “Wunderbar Together”, Goethe Pop Up Kansas City invites everyone to its Pop Up Film Haus to discover German cinema through a curated selection of films. Each film will be shown in German with English subtitles.
Together with our partner Stray Cat Film Center, we invite you to What’s left? Films from former East Germany, a series of film screenings curated by Dr. Larson Powell, Professor of Film Studies at UMKC. Dr. Powell will lead a discussion after each screening about the film’s content and contexts, its relation to film history, and its artistic form and style.
This week’s screening at Stray Cat Film Center:
Solo Sunny (1980)
Director: Konrad Wolf, Wolfgang Kohlhaase
Cast: Renate Krößner, Alexander Lang, Dieter Montag

The GDR, at the end of the 70s: Ingrid Sommer, a woman working in a factory, tries to launch a singing career under the name Sunny. The young woman travels around with the band Tornados and plays some small gigs in cultural centers around the province. Her life is anything but “sunny” though, even when her love for the philosopher Ralph does promise some light and warmth at times. A story balancing between sadness and hope, and, retrospectively, a wonderfully precise and authentic film about life in the GDR.
The Pop Up Film Haus is part of the project Wunderbar: A Celebration of German Film. From Beloved Sisters to A Coffee in Berlin and Young Goethe in Love, from The Blue Angel to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - we are celebrating German-American friendship with our partner Kanopy by bringing 48 German films to your screens.