Exhibition 70 Years of Berlin Airlift

Airlift © Allied Museum / Collection Provan

Fri, 07/05/2019 -
Sat, 07/27/2019

Goethe Pop Up Kansas City

Goethe in the Crossroads
1914 Main Street
64108 Kansas City, MO

On the occasion of the Berlin Airlift's 70th anniversary, Goethe Pop Up Kansas City showcases the traveling exhibit Berlin Airlift from the Allied Museum Berlin. 
The Berlin Airlift as a symbol of friendship: In the summer of 1948, following tensions with the Western Allies and as a response to the currency reform in Germany, the Soviet Union blocked all routes to West Berlin. Two million people were cut off from access to food and raw materials. The USA decided to airlift supplies to the enclave – for over a year.

“Raisin bombers” (or “candy-bombers”) air-dropped care packages – keeping the Berliners in a steady supply of cans of corned beef, bacon, coffee, chocolate and of course raisins. The airplanes became a symbol of the deep transatlantic friendship with a clear signal: We won’t leave you in the lurch!
Dr. Jürgen Lillteicher, Director of Allied Museum, about the exhibition:
“Discussing our common history and experiences can offer a fresh impetus for the transatlantic partnership. During the Deutschlandjahr 2018/19 in the USA campaign, the Allied Museum Berlin will recall the Berlin Airlift in a traveling exhibition and discussion events, thereby contributing to debates about this historic event, its aftermath and shared values such as freedom, democracy, and the free market economy.”