Exhibition Celebrating 100 Years of Bauhaus: Virtual Bauhaus

Bauhausfenster Dessau Photo (detail): © Irmi Maunu-Kocian

Thu, 05/23/2019 -
Fri, 06/28/2019

Goethe Pop Up Kansas City

An Interactive Exhibition

On the occasion of the Bauhaus centennial, Goethe Pop Up Kansas City presents Virtual Bauhaus, an exhibition on the German school of art and design using the medium of virtual reality.
Taking place within the Dessau building, which was constructed in 1925–26 according to designs by the school’s first director, Walter Gropius, Virtual Bauhaus offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience, transporting them into the architectural space of the building as it existed in the 1920s. Through this immersive environment, visitors explore the school’s central ideas through encounters with its architectural interior. One can construct a material study in the school’s preliminary course, inhabit the dormitories where students lived and worked, engage with an experimental performance in the stage workshop, and ascend the building’s iconic staircase, a remarkable architectural element that simultaneously played host to photo-ops, drawing courses, and the school’s infamous parties. The exhibition’s goal is not only to provide visitors worldwide a chance to experience the Bauhaus first-hand, but also to convey through a contemporary medium the lasting relevance of one of Germany’s most important cultural legacies.

Virtual Bauhaus Photo: © Goethe-Institut Boston Accessible to a wide-ranging audience, including those with no prior experience using virtual-reality technology, the exhibition will be presented at Goethe-Instituts, Goethe Pop Ups, and their partners around the world in 2019.

Virtual Bauhaus was developed by Goethe-Institut Boston in cooperation with Cologne Game Lab (CGL) at the Technical University Cologne and independent Bauhaus experts.