Concert Der lange Schatten

Der lange Schatten Photo (detail): © Doris Huesler

Mon, 05/20/2019

7:00 PM

Blue Room Jazz Club

Jazz from Germany

Goethe Pop Up Kansas City is proud to partner with The Blue Room Jazz Club in presenting the Berlin-based jazz band Der lange Schatten.
Der lange Schatten

Håvard Wiik– piano
Michael Thieke – clarinet 
Antonio Borghini – bass 
The trio, established in summer 2009 and based in Berlin, is a collective project exploring improvisation in the wide field of jazz through original compositions brought by each of the musicians involved. 

Piano, reed, and string instrument is a line-up deeply rooted in chamber music tradition, transparent and yet capable of shaping a strong counterpoint, either of melodic lines or abstract soundscapes.

In 2014, the group released their first album (self-titled) with Lost Opportunities, followed by Concurrences in 2018 with Trouble in the East. They’ve done recordings for the German radio station SWR, played concerts in Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, France, and Germany, and were featured at Umlaut Festival in Paris and Vinterjazz Festival in Copenhagen.

18th Vine Photo: © Jutta Behnen The Blue Room Jazz Club
Named after the famed 1930s Street Hotel club in the Historic 18th & Vine Jazz District, the Blue Room simultaneously honors the past and showcases the present names in jazz with a multifaceted exhibit highlighting the countless musicians who crafted Kansas City Jazz, a sound known all over the world. The Blue Room also provides a distinctive platform to present dynamic performances from the best local and international jazz talent in an intimate setting.