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Not quite ready to return to the classroom? Virtual Blended Learning is the next best option for you with plenty of virtual face-to-face time with other course participants and our instructors. These courses consist of 50% online live group sessions and 50% flexible online learning, closely supported by your instructors. With our virtual classroom platform, the online live sessions are just as interactive as meeting at the institute.

Online Group Courses for adults and young learners offer more flexibility, as well as live sessions online in your group once every two weeks. Special courses from B1-C1 on topics ranging from Babylon Berlin to Grammar and Writing, are a great way to focus in on specific areas you would like to improve or for casual and fun conversation.

Course access will be granted to students on the listed start date. The live sessions of the Online Group Courses will be scheduled by the instructor after the course begins.

Complete Beginner? A1.1 is your class! A1 Online Group Courses cover A1.1, A1.2, and A1.3 in one course.

Know some German? Book an online placement test.

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