German for Hire

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German for Hire Goethe-Institut Washington

Is your school located in the Washington metropolitan area (DC-VA-MD)?
With help of the Goethe-Institut, you can offer your students a special treat at no cost: Invite one of Germany’s “Young Ambassadors” into your classroom! 

"German for Hire" is a program through which a German exchange student or young professional in or around Washington, DC visits you and your students in your classroom. Your students can put their German language skills to the test and learn more about the German culture in a face-to-face conversation with a “real” German.
The content can be tailored to the needs of your students according to age, German proficiency level, and interests of the class. Popular topics include music, sports, films, and life in Germany.
Make your textbooks come to life and plan your “German for Hire” experience now! 
For a free "German for Hire" visit to your school please fill out the application form.

Become a "Young Ambassador"

Wondering what American students think about Germany? Find out in an intercultural exchange about the German culture and German language with middle and/or high school students!

Experience a day at an American school in the Washington, DC area as a “Young Ambassador”. Visit a classroom and spend time with American students learning German to out for yourself how they perceive Germany and the German language. 
This is a volunteer opportunity for young Germans in and around Washington, DC. The Goethe-Institut Washington will reimburse you for your travel costs.
How does the program work?

  1. Fill out the "Young Ambassador" application form
  2. We will get in touch with you and add you to our contact list
  3. Once we receive a request for a visit from a school in your area, we will contact you to discuss the next steps
  4. Visit the American school
  5. Tell us about your experience and receive a volunteer certficate for your efforts

German for Hire Testimonials

  • German for Hire in Fort Worth, Texas ©Goethe-Institut
    Selina Pazen (Young Ambassador): "The day at the high school was a full success, not only for myself, but also for the students. They seemed very interested, sincere, and curious, and enjoyed getting to know a native speaker who could provide answers to their questions. I believe that this small but educationally valuable cultural exchange not only brings a bit of Germany to the US, but also encourages American students to continue learning German in higher education and even consider a trip, an exchange program of a degree in Germany."
  • German for Hire in Orlando, Florida ©Goethe-Institut
    Ms. Hoefler (German Teacher): "Students were thrilled that Lea came to visit us! Lea presented on typical German teen activities as well as specifics on her hometown. Besides the first-hand look into German teen life, they practiced important social skills - asking appropriate questions, interacting with a positive near-peer role model. Lea was competent and friendly. She was open to my students' (who are all on the autism spectrum) questions and their (successful!) attempts to practice the social skills dealing with meeting new people. We are looking forward to having more German Ambassadors visit us in the future."
  • German for Hire in Plano, Texas ©Goethe-Institut
    Sina Bückle (Young Ambassador): „I had an amazing time attending five German classes in two high schools, and I believe that the students did as well. The German teacher Ms. Warren made me feel incredibly welcome in her classes, provided breakfast for the morning classes and home-made waffles in the afternoon which we all enjoyed. Depending on the level of German, we discussed the German culture in German, or had a Q&A session about life and school/college education in Germany in English. The students were thrilled, but they were not the only ones benefitting from the program – I personally learned a lot even though I believed I was already well familiar with the American culture. What a rewarding experience!”
  • German for Hire in Snellville, Georgia ©Goethe-Institut
    Ms. Richards (German teacher): “The students LOVED having the German ambassador visit!! I believe it was exceptionally beneficial for my students to have the opportunity to meet and speak with a „real“ German. Deniz brought Germany to life for the students; both she and I also found it fascinating to see what the students were curious about. They prepared questions beforehand and engaged Deniz in a lively conversation in all three classes. According to their surveys, they liked hearing about daily life in Germany and how it differs from daily life in the US. In addition, many of them wrote that they now really wanted to travel to/live in the German-speaking world. They were unanimously positive and many of them wrote that the day exceeded their expectations. There is no replacement for spending time with people who really speak the language and are from the country of interest.”
  • German for Hire Goethe-Institut Washington ©Goethe-Institut
    Deniz Dilay (Young Ambassador): “My day as German Ambassador was not only exciting and informative, but also very fun and entertaining. In a relaxed atmosphere, I visited three German courses and answered questions students had prepared concerning Germany and the German culture. Questions mainly focused on daily life in Germany and its regional differences. Some of the more specific questions pertained to the German driver’s license exam, entry requirements for universities, and German soccer clubs; they also wanted to know about my studies and my living situation in Göttingen. I on the other hand was able to ask the different classes about their relationship with, and opinion of, Germany and the German culture. What interested me most was their motivation to learn German. Students also inquired about my opinion of and relationship with the US. They wanted to know how “a German” would think about the USA. All in all, we had exciting and inspiring conversations in all three German classes. Not only was I able to give the students a better understanding of life in Germany, but I also learned a lot about the students’ opinions and attitudes. It was a very exciting and valuable experience that I wholeheartedly recommend.”