Movie Night Sputnik

Sputnick © Georges Pauly/Ostlicht Filmproduktion

Fri, 08/31/2018

Goethe-Institut Washington

1990 K St. NW (Entrance on 20th St., lower level)
Washington, DC 20006

Germany, 2012-2013, color, 83 min., Director: Markus Dietrich

A village in the GDR, Autumn 1989: Friederike is building a rocket with her beloved Uncle Mike and two friends. This carefree space game is interrupted unexpectedly – Mike had applied for an exit visa and has to leave the country in the next few hours. Friederike is heartbroken by his departure. While under the constant suspicious watch of the village policeman, she intends to bring her uncle back by developing a machine with her two friends, which can beam him back to his homeland. Yet, it seems as though their experiment has the opposite results. While watching TV, the girl finds out that all the residents of the village are now in the West. The Wall has fallen, but Friederike has heard nothing about it. Sputnik is a children’s film about the last weeks of the GDR.