Film Kino-Q & Suns Cinema: Gendernauts, dir. Monika Treut (1999)

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Tue, 06/18/2019

Suns Cinema

3107-3109 Mount Pleasant St. NW
Washington, DC 20010

This event is part of the Goethe-Institut New York's "Queer as German Folk" series, with which we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots as a milestone in the fight for gender diversity and equality.

"Queer as German Folk" is a project of the Goethe-Instituts North America in cooperation with the Schwules Museum Berlin, and the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung).

Realized in cooperation with The DC Center for the LGBT Community, The Rainbow History Project, and Whitman-Walker Health.

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As a part of the Goethe-Institut North America’s Queer as German Folk series – in which we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn Uprising as a milestone in the fight for gender diversity and equality – the Goethe-Institut Washington and its many local project partners have selected a number of culturally- and historically-significant films from Germany and North America, highlighting various aspects of queer rights movements. We present Kino-Q, a film series that guides viewers through parts of this history, paired with expert-led discussions.

Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting Identities
Germany and United States, 1999, 86 min., Director: Monika Treut
Speaker: Giovanna Chesler

An illuminating and compassionate look at the world of transgender identity, as seen through portraits of some of San Francisco’s leading gender mixers. Whether by birth or by choice, sometimes with the assistance of hormones or surgical prostheses, we meet those who blur the lines of male and female.

Filmmaker Monika Treut (Virgin Machine, Seduction: The Cruel Woman) elicits testimonials from a diverse array of personalities, as well as expert opinions from sex celebrity Annie Sprinkle and "The Goddess of Cyberspace" Sandy Stone. "Treut’s intention was clearly to affirm the humanity of the intersex, transgender, and transsexual individuals she encountered, and she has succeeded." (from The New York Times).

Featuring Max Wolf Valerio, Jordy Jones, Texas Tomboy, Stafford, Hida, Tornado, Annie Sprinkle, and Sandy Stone.

Co-presented with Suns Cinema.
Buy Tickets Monika Treut was born in Moenchengladbach , Germany, in 1954. She studied literature and politics at Philipps-University, Marburg. In the mid-seventies, she began working with video. Her PhD thesis The Cruel Woman: Female Images in the Writing of Marquis de Sade and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was published in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in 1984. In the mid-eighties, Treut started to write, direct, and produce award-winning independent features and documentaries, which screened at numerous film festivals throughout the world and enjoy international distribution. Retrospectives have been held in Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Taipei, Toronto, Cambridge, Helsinki, Hamburg, Thessaloniki, Prague, Warsaw, Athens, Los Angeles and Lisbon.

Giovanna Chesler (they/them) is a Director, Producer and Writer whose documentary and fiction films and transmedia work addresses the body, gender and sexuality. Their most recent short fiction film, “The Pick Up” was awarded a Jury Award in Screenwriting from Big Muddy Film Festival this year and Best Short Fiction audience awards from Cineffable (Paris) and image+nation (Montreal) in 2018. Giovanna’s hour-long documentary “Period: The End of Menstruation” became a cultural touchstone on the menstrual suppression debate when it was covered on the front page of The New York Times in 2007. The film asks questions of menstruation and suppression that explore gender and challenge essentializing logics. Giovanna Produced the Sundance Institute supported documentary “Out in the Night”, the award-winning feature on the New Jersey 4 (dir. blair dorosh-walther). “Out in the Night” launched the United Nations’ Free+Equal film campaign in 77 countries, was nationally broadcast on POV / PBS and Logo, and earned 15 festival awards. Giovanna holds an M.F.A. in Cinema from San Francisco State University and works as an Associate Professor and Director of the Film and Video Studies Program at George Mason University. Giovanna was the April 2019 Filmmaker of the Month by the DC Radio, Television and Film Office and is a 2019 Media Arts Fellow by the Washington DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.,