Normcore © Normcore

Transformer is proud to present NORMCORE and normcore, an immersive, site-specific exhibition, followed by a condensed version of the exhibition as a storefront installation, by contemporary Berlin-based artists Sascha Appelhoff & Lena von Goedeke.

NORMCORE is part of Transformer’s 2019 artistic partnership with Germany, taking place with support from the Wunderbar Together Year of German-American Friendship, and is presented in conjunction with Transformer's 16th Annual Silent Auction & Benefit Party, whose Diplomatic Chair this year is the German Ambassador Emily Haber. In addition to the back-to-back NORMCORE exhibition and normcore storefront installation at Transformer this fall, visiting German artists Sascha Appelhoff & Lena von Goedeke have curated a special selection of works by fellow emerging German artists to be featured in this year's auction, taking place October 26, 2019 at the GWU/Corcoran School of the Arts & Design.