Virtual City Tour & Discussion "Jeder einmal in Berlin": A Virtual Exploration of Time, Space, and Place

Jeder einmal in Berlin - Picture © Goethe-Institut / Wiki Creative Commons

Fri, 09/18/2020


With Arne Krasting of Zeitreisen Tours

A virtual walking tour of selected Berlin sights, and post-tour conversation with historian, Weimar Era scholar, and tour guide Arne Krasting.

We present this programming with a warm thank-you to the Friends of the Goethe-Institut (FoGI), who have generously provided us with financial support to fund our project.

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Beyond Babylon 511x222 Graphic © Goethe-Institut
“Jeder einmal in Berlin": A Virtual Exploration of Time, Space, and Place

Part II of two-part event series Beyond Babylon: Re-Examining Berlin in the Golden Twenties, presented by the Goethe-Institut Washington

Part I: “Glitz & Grit": De- and Reconstructing Weimar Glamour with Le Pustra’s Kabarett der Namenlosen

Alexanderplatz 1920s © Wiki Creative Commons The Goethe-Institut Washington invites you to experience a compelling glimpse into bygone Berlin – even as it exists today, where these gems of the past are still hidden in plain view. Take a virtual walking tour with historian, Weimar Era scholar, and tour guide Arne Krasting of Zeitreisen Tours, whose enthusiasm and expertise for Berlin and history alike have led him to develop the official partner walking tour of the Babylon Berlin series. In this special highlights virtual tour accompanied by expert commentary and context, catch up-close peeks at hubs of civil society, leisure and entertainment, government, and more.

This event consists of two parts: (1) a pre-recorded and password-protected virtual Vimeo experience that will be available for viewing to registrants of the Zoom Webinar the week of September 7, and (2) a post-viewing live Zoom Webinar conversation with historian Arne Krasting on September 18 at 5:00pm EDT.

Just over 100 years ago, the first “democracy” in Germany was born in the period between the two World Wars. A colorful and turbulent period in German history, Berlin during the Weimar Republic was a haven for artists, the queer community, expatriates, and misfits of all stripes.

At the same time, Berlin was a lawless, destitute city, where radical politics would ultimately force their way to the forefront and jeopardize the cultural, scientific, and legal advancements made towards a society in which queer people could live without persecution.

Shaped over centuries by war, empire, migration, and more, Berlin during the Weimar Republic was a space unlike any other city in the world – its uniqueness shaped by its history became a quality that would only continue to define Berlin in years to come.

Registration is required for this virtual event; registration requires a purchase of a $5 ticket (service fee already included) or donation of >$5 via Eventbrite. All proceeds from Eventbrite ticketing will go Arne Krasting and his team at Zeitreisen for helping to make this event possible. We greatly appreciate your support of these very talented collaborators, especially as they navigate their independent work in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Zoom Webinar link and pre-recorded customized virtual tour link will both be emailed out through Eventbrite the week of September 7.

This project has been supported by the Friends of the Goethe-Institut (FoGI).

Buy Tickets Arne Krasting - Zeitreisen © Zeitreisen About Arne Krasting & Zeitreisen

(pictured above: Arne Krasting, © Zeitreisen)

Arne Krasting is a historian with a great passion for Berlin in the 20th century, and Berlin in the 1920s in particular. Initially drawn to Berlin to study history – which he has termed the “Open-Air Museum of the 20th Century” – he soon combined his expertise in history and love of the city by offering city tours. From there, he established Zeitreisen, a unique city tour adventure agency for time travel. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the Weimar Republic, Krasting has been consulted for Babylon Berlin Season 3, and his lovingly-crafted tour has made him an official partner of the Babylon Berlin universe.