Audio Festival Sound Scene

DC Listening Lounge © Sound Scene Fest

Sat, 06/26/2021 -
Sun, 06/27/2021

In-Person and Online

The Goethe-Institut proudly collaborates with DC Listening Lounge for their 14th Sound Scene audio festival taking place online and in-person on June 26 and June 27, 2021!
The Goethe-Institut is pleased to have been able to obtain the talents of HYENAZ for this year’s Sound Scene festival! HYENAZ are Berlin-based sound and movement artists Kathryn Fischer aka Mad Kate and Adrienne Teicher. The immersive performances, dance tracks, soundscapes, performative installations and a/v works they produce utilize the sonic shape-shifting of field recordings gathered in the process of site-specific works.
On June 27, at 1:30pm ET Identity and Emergence, a conversation with artists Hyenaz, Shayok Misha Chowdhury and Kameron Neal is followed by HYENAZ festival contribution SIGNALS, which world premieres at Sound Scene 2021.
SIGNALS is a new work created especially for Sound Scene Festival’s 2021 theme EMERGE. Signals explores the notion of performativity in the form of codes, signs, drag, and masks in order to emerge from the darkness as visible. Signals become methods of translation, channels through which our voices become audible and understood. Bodies emerge into forms which are recognized and codified; modes through which we can be understood and called into subjectivity. An audio work and a video essay, Signals explores the process of emergence especially as it relates to the a/Artist into cultural spaces of power, those who hold or desire to hold the microphone. Using multiple distinct voices and perspectives, both sung and written, Signals explores the process through which one emerges through the implementation of signals like masks, codes, dress, and language in order to achieve audibility, visibility and thus access. What is this process of emergence? Who stands at the gate? What is gained and lost in this process? HYENAZ create all their sound works from original field recordings; the particular context for these recordings were an anarcha-feminist anti-military conference which brought together activists from throughout and beyond Eastern Europe and central Asia. Together the members of the conference struggled to bridge knowledges, contexts and experiences. HYENAZ want to especially thank the voices and brave activists who were present there.

Sound Scene 2021 will take place both online and in-person.
  • On Saturday June 26, all programming will take place from 10am - 5pm EST in-person on the second floor of Union Market D.C. RSVP is encouraged but not required.
  • On Sunday June 27, all programming will take place online from 11am - 8:30pm EST. All programming will take place via Zoom. RSVP IS REQUIRED in order to receive a link.

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