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Wunderbar. A celebration of German film© Kanopy

Deutsche Filme feiern

​From “Beloved Sisters” to “A Coffee in Berlin” and “Young Goethe in Love,” from “The Blue Angel” to “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”–We celebrated German-American friendship for one year with our partner Kanopy by bringing 48 German films to your screens. Under “Critically Viewed,” German and American film journalists introduce you to their favorite films. Goethe-Instituts and Goethe Pop Ups in the US also took part in the celebration by showing films, organizing film festivals, and inviting German filmmakers to speak.

Critically viewed

Washington - German Film Series
Wunderbar Films: German Cinema 101

You're invited to Goethe-Washington's year-long series of once-monthly film screenings that explore four distinct eras of German film history. 

Chicago - Queer Film Series
Queer as German Folk

Celebrating 25 years of Edition Salzberger, the ground-breaking queer film distributor, through the weekly screening of diverse works in queer German cinematic history.

Boston - German Film Series
New Films from Germany 2019

The latest German arthouse films presented in one of Boston’s most beautiful independent theatres. Once a month it’s German film time at Coolidge, always with English subtitles.

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