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Wunderbar. A celebration of German film© Kanopy

Deutsche Filme feiern

​From “Beloved Sisters” to “A Coffee in Berlin” and “Young Goethe in Love”, from “The Blue Angel” to “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”–We are celebrating German-American friendship with our partner Kanopy by bringing 48 German films to your screens. Under “Critically Viewed”, German and American film journalists will introduce you to their favorite films. Goethe-Instituts and Goethe Pop Ups in the US are also taking part in the celebration by showing films, organizing film festivals, and inviting German filmmakers to speak.

 Title and year  Director
Axolotl Overkill (2017) Helene Hegemann
BEUYS (2017) Andreas Veiel
Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe (2016) Maria Schrader
The Story of German Beer (2016) Jens Niehuss
Victoria (2015) Sebastian Schipper
Beloved Sisters (2014) Dominik Graf
Beltracchi – The Art of Forgery (2014) Arne Birkenstock
Farewell Herr Schwarz (2014) Yael Reuveny
Forbidden Films (2014) Felix Moeller
The Chambermaid (2014) Ingo Haeb
A Coffee in Berlin (2012) Jan-Ole Gerster
Barbara (2012) Christian Petzold
Hannah Arendt (2012) Margarethe von Trotta
More than honey (2012) Markus Imhoof
Sound of Heimat – Deutschland singt (2012) Arne Birkenstock, Jan Tengeler
Of Dogs and Horses (2012) Thomas Stuber
Remembrance (2012) Anna Justice
Insurance Man (2011) Klaus Stern
Gerhard Richter Painting (2011) Corinna Beltz
Monika (2011) Christian Werner
Days to Come (2010) Lars Kraume
The Robber (2010) Benjamin Heisenberg
3 (2010) Tom Tykwer
Silence (2010) Baran bo Odar
Young Goethe in Love (2010) Phillipp Stölzl
How to Make a Book with Steidl (2010) Gereon Wetzel, Jörg Adolph
Plastic Planet (2009) Werner Boote
North Face (2008) Phillip Stölzl
Cloud 9 (2008) Andreas Dresen
Cherry Blossoms (2008) Doris Dörrie
I am Guilty (2005) Christoph Hochhäusler
Go for Zucker! (2004) Dani Levy
The Forest for the Trees (2003) Maren Ade
Nowhere in Africa (2001) Caroline Link
The Architects (1990) Peter Kahane
Coming Out (1989) Heiner Carow
Marlene (1984) Maximillian Schell
Kamikaze 89 (1982) Wolf Gremm
Der Teufel mit den drei goldenen Haaren (1977) Egon Schlegel
Aguirre, The Wrath of God (1972) Werner Herzog
Goya (1971) Konrad Wolf
Trace of Stones (1966) Frank Beyer
First Spaceship on Venus (1960) Kurt Maetzig
The Blue Angel (1930) Josef von Sternberg
Metropolis (1927) Fritz Lang
Faust (1926) FW Murnau
Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922) FW Murnau
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920) Robert Wiene
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Critically viewed

Washington - German Film Series
Wunderbar Films: German Cinema 101

You're invited to Goethe-Washington's year-long series of once-monthly film screenings that explore four distinct eras of German film history. 

Chicago - Queer Film Series
Queer as German Folk

Celebrating 25 years of Edition Salzberger, the ground-breaking queer film distributor, through the weekly screening of diverse works in queer German cinematic history.

Boston - German Film Series
New Films from Germany 2019

The latest German arthouse films presented in one of Boston’s most beautiful independent theatres. Once a month it’s German film time at Coolidge, always with English subtitles.

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