Elektromusik MoTsound #15|aReNaissance

MoTsound #15|aReNaissance Foto: artwork by Cian Duggan

Di, 29.09.2020

Block 2; La Astoria (Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt)

383 Nguyen Duy Trinh, Binh Trung Tay Bezirk, Distrikt 2

MọT will come back in September with the sound event MoTsound #15|aReNaissance, presenting another electric mix of sound artists from Vietnam and abroad – new approaches & angels in three different interpretations of sound.

The event is supported by Goethe-Institut within the programm “Idea Booster” – an initiative by the Goethe-Institut Ho-Chi-Minh-City.
Poly, aka Hà Đăng Tùng: an underground musician and sound artist who is active in many different aspects of the Hanoi art&music scene. He is an accomplished guitarist and keyboard player known for his work in several Hanoian indie rock bands such as Phác Họa Xanh and Bluemato. In addition, he is a sound engineer and music producer who has worked behind the boards and mixing desks at many various venues and music studios around Hà Nội. Recently he has gained recognition for his solo performances as an ambient electronic artist and is currently participating as resident artist in the Into Thin Air program curated by Manzi Art Space as well as the Hình Của Nhạc program hosted by Đom Đóm Center for Experimental Music. Poly will be performing a special experimental ambient set prepared for Mọt sound utilizing audio&visual elements to create a unique and meditative sonic landscape.

Diaphragmatic, aka Nate Tandy: a harsh noise artist hailing from Indiana, USA. He has been based in Vietnam for some years and is often seen performing around Hanoi’s underground noise & sound art scene. Nate Tandy started the harsh noise project Diaphragmatic in 2009 in the countryside of Indiana. The project is improvisational in nature, incorporating amplified scrap metal and limited electronics like tapes, reel-to-reel, and pedals. Diaphragmatic has always been about active, not passive, performance, preferring no pussyfooting, short-blast performances. Having recently toured in the US, Diaphragmatic has also previously performed in Canada, Australia, and Vietnam, typically using metal junks found from these areas for sets.
Pham Ba Chinh: an independent performance artist currently based in Hội An, Vietnam, experimenting across a range of poetry, art, sound, contemporary music. Chinh Ba began his role as an independent poet performing artist after a project using sound effects on memory areas in 2013. The use of sound installation art in different spatial levels to open up his own poetry creates space for viewers/audiences to live in their own domain. The solo performance Tranquility And War (a project use Chinh's poems, Chinh's ethnic vocal and skydrums - the drums are made by bombs from Vietnam-US war), and Being Stuck In The Reincanation Trap (a project of Chinh's poems performance with experimental music) have been held in Hue, Hoi An, HCMC, and well received by the audience as a emerging unique style.