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"Blue Line Performers" Projekt Foto: "Blue Line Performers" Projekt

So, 11.10.2020 -
So, 01.11.2020



"Blue Line Performers" Project is an online project, aiming at having intimate conversations among participating artists and audience through artworks. The theme of the project revolves around the perspective of Covid-19's influences on everyday life. Six Vietnamese artists will take turns to create a new artwork, apply an object, material or feature from the previous artist’s work in their art piece. Each artist will select three objects in their work for the next artist to choose from. Within three days, they have to complete and share photos of the work as well as their experience during the pandemic on social media. The event happens entirely online as the way we interact with each other while maintaining physical distancing.
♦ Participating artists (Blue Line Performers):
  • Nhi Le
  • Ly Trang
  • Tuyen Nguyen
  • Dat Vu
  • Linh Valerie Pham
  • Nguyen Kim To Lan
♦ Time: ​11 October - 1 November, 2020
Photos of six artworks are shared at 7pm on 17, 20, 23, 26, 29/10, & 1/11/2020.

♦ On-(blue)-line audience can follow the project, chat with the artists via the following event page:
(please click 'Going' to get updated about the project. Artwork images are shared in the discussion section)
♦ Introduction of the artist Nhi Le – coordinator and performance artist - about her project:
“When cultural events were postponed and I couldn’t perform, I had more time to think about the role of art at the present moment, what it means to me. The project is a connecting link (the line is blue in my imagination), it is also my attempt to get closer to spectators as well as other artists.
By inviting artists from various fields, I want viewers to have an opportunity to see how the same theme/material is transformed through diverse art forms. I hope the artists' perspectives will be shared widely, and we would like to hear your stories as well.”