Collage mit Fotos und Texten zum Wettbewerb "Mein Deutschland" Grafik: Vera Damrath © Goethe-Institut

The Evaluation of the Transition from Pre-Integration Language Learning to the Integration Course (2011) showed that new immigrants who have already passed the A1 examination for the visa in their native country (have to) wait a relatively long time until they are concentrating on the German language and culture intensively again in the integration course. In addition to this the study also showed that there is a general lack of study, exercise and information material designed for this target group and the students’ needs, and with which they can continue to study independently during the transition period. Due to this lack of material, by the time immigrants join the integration course, their language skills have often faded. However – according to the immigrants – there is a high level of motivation to carry on studying.

Zur Studie „Der Übergang von der vorintegrativen Sprachförderung zum Integrationskurs“

The Goethe-Institut is reacting to this need with the internet portal “Mein Weg nach Deutschland”, the mainstay of the “Harmonising the transition from pre-integration language teaching to the integration course” project, which is co-financed with funding from the European Integration Fund EIF.

The project aims to optimise the transition between pre-integrative language-learning, information and advice courses abroad and initial language teaching, as well as further integration measures provided by the Federal Government in Germany. To achieve this, the internet portal will improve and consolidate the language and orientation skills already acquired through pre-integration studies. Furthermore, using the material available from this portal will enable this particular target group of students to acquire a variety of skills necessary for living in Germany – such as how to deal with various types of media, or orientation skills for their initial time in Germany.

The “For Teachers” section also offers tips, free accessible and usable materials for teachers and counselors.

At this point we would like to express our sincere thanks to all the authors, developers, film-makers, graphics designers, editors and experts who have been involved in the project, and whose contributions have ensured that this portal with its diversity of informative content is now online! In most cases, they are mentioned by name in the “Practise German” pages. We would also like to thank authors and editors Stefan Münchow, Freya Conesa, Joanna Chlebnikow, Csaba Gloner, Janna Degener, Ellen Bachmann and Marion Hollerung for writing or editing key exercises and texts for the internet portal.

Furthermore we express our gratitude to the European Union, without whose sponsorship it would not have been possible to implement this project, for its financial support.            

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