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Resonancias © NAVE

Who: Researchers from Germany, France and Chile 

Section: Interdisciplinary

Duration: 1 month

Information about the last call for application:


The Goethe-Institut Chile and the Institut Français du Chili, with the support of the Franco-German Cultural Fund and the Chilean Ministry of Culture, are offering a second call for proposals for the "Resonancias" residency programme.

The call is aimed at researchers from Germany, France and Chile who are interested in conducting field research in Chile for one month between September and November 2021 in one of the six partner residencies.

On this occasion, the collaboration between Germany, Chile and France will be strengthened through a programme that will bring together three artists* from the aforementioned countries in each residency to develop artistic research on site in Chile.

This programme offers different modalities of participation according to the residency profiles and their specific deadlines. The modalities are not changeable, so it is recommended to read the residencies' profile and modalities carefully.

Area of Focus

The focus of this residency programme is on the development of territorial research that focuses on the importance of the issues on the ground; the approach, whether artistic, scientific, academic or social, should involve the population.

The disciplines considered in this programme - visual arts, scenic representations, sound art, media art, literature, film, architecture/urbanism - should develop their impact in conjunction with other disciplines dedicated to the transmission of knowledge. The focal points are:

  • Solidarity, connectedness or otherness
  • Territory and Conflict
  • gender identity
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Activism and participation (citizenship, community, democracy) etc.

Targeted Candidates

The "Resonancias" programme is aimed at German artists or artists living in Germany, French artists or artists living in France and artists of any nationality living in Chile. Applicants should have an interest in collaborative work, even if their project is developed individually.


Fernanda Fábrega
Goethe-Institut Chile

Flore Colomine
Institut Français du Chili

Residence partners

  • ISLA / SACO Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo
  • NAVE
  • B.A.S.E. / Tsonami Arte Sonoro
  • Casa Espacio BsAs 824 – FIFV
  • Universidad de Magallanes
  • Bosque Pehuén / Fundación Mar Adentro

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