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Studienbrücke is an excellence programme that offers school children and school-leavers with above-average grades in maths, computer science, natural sciences and technology (STEM subjects) and a command of German (subject-specific) language and academic training in their home country in preparation for a course of study in Germany. It also introduces them to the country’s teaching and learning culture.

Studienbrücke. Students learn together Photo: Goethe-Institut, Getty Images

After successfully completing our programme, Studienbrücke graduates can immediately embark on a degree in STEM subjects or economics at our renowned partner universities, which make a certain number of places available for them each year. 

With the introduction of the alternative university entrance qualification, prospective students can now start studying as soon as they have passed a scholastic aptitude test (TestAS). To qualify for this, they must attend the preparatory Studienbrücke course in their home country. This means:
  • completing the preparatory modules in the Studienbrücke programme
  • passing TestDaF with 4 x 4 points in the test levels, or a total of 16 points (depending on the university)
  • passing TestAS with a minimum of 100 points


If you have questions about specific countries, for example the programme schedule in a country, please get in touch with the local contact person.
Use the drop-down menu above to access the website of the relevant country.

If you have an inquiry about cooperations or general questions about the programme, please contact:


Our partner universities (in the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg and Thuringia) offer successful graduates of the Studienbrücke programme a wide range of undergraduate courses in the STEM subjects and economics, making a certain number of places available for them every year.

An overview of the partner universities' offers for the Studienbrücke can be found here:

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