Cultural Panels

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The Association of Cultural Centers in Bulgaria EUNIC launches a series of panel discussions - "Cultural panels" - whose aim is to enrich, deepen and diversify the dialogues related to culture in the public sphere.

Forthcoming Events

Kurator_innen 2018

Cultural Panel 1 © Goethe-Institut Bulgarien

#1 Cultural Panel: The Future of Europe

The writer Teodora Dimova and the political scientist Ivan Krastev and their visions of what should we expect as European citizens and what is the role of culture in these processes: unifier, divider, translator or something else.

DNA of Culture © Goethe-Institut Bulgarien

#2 Cultural Panel:DNA of Culture

On occasion of the informal meeting of European cultural ministers in Sofia this ‘Cultural panel’ will focus on the role of culture as an ‘aesthetic seismograph’ and even 'transformator' of the societies we live in.

#3 Cultural Panel © Goethe-Institut Bulgarien

#3 Cultural Panel: Teaching a Foreign Language

EUNIC Cluster Bulgaria invites practitioners and theoreticians of teaching foreign languages to join a focus group and to exchange experiences; discuss actual needs, obstacles and developments.

#4 Cultural Panel © Goethe-Institut Bulgarien

#4 Science as culture and identity

Researchers, artists and a diplomats share views on science, boundaries and how to overcome some of the current biggest problems in Europe.

#7 Cultural Panel © Goethe-Institut Bulgarien

#5 Building Better Life Together

The aim of the discussion is to create a meeting point between politicians, artists, activists and citizens and to show that culture happens in our everyday life and supports us in connecting and communicating with each other.

#6 Theater and Politics © Goethe-Institut Bulgarien

#6 Theater and Politics

On the occasion of the presentation of the theatrical play "Power and Resistance", actors, organisers and theorists discuss the function and potential of theater in today's society - as a counterpart to political and economic constraints, to the dictation of the media. What does theater do today, here and now, with us? 


Cultural Panels © Veselin Trachev

Die Kultur und unser gemeinsames Europa

Die Diskussionen spiegeln die Hauptimpulse in der Gesellschaft wider und suchen in der Kultur Konfliktlösungen zwischen der Idee politischer Einigung und der Verteidigung der eigenen nationalen Identität - Einheit in der Vielfalt und Vielfalt in der Einheit.

Theodora Dimova © Goethe-Institut Bulgarien

#1 Cultural Panel
Ein Europa-Gefühl

"Dem Grau entflohen, waren wir vom Licht geblendet. Doch wie sich zeigte, werfen wir die Ketten der langjährigen Isolation von Europa nur schwer ab. Wir nörgeln oft und sind unzufrieden. Unser Weg nach Europa erwies sich als schwerer, als wir uns vorgestellt hatten. Viel schwerer." - Theodora Dimova über die Zukunft Europas im Rahmen der ersten Diskussion des Projektes "Cultural Panels".