Ausstellung Der Doppelgänger des Originals

Der Doppelgänder des Originals © Boris Delchev

Mi, 29.09.2021 –
Sa, 23.10.2021

Struktura Galerie

Projekt von Boris Delchev und Vrai-Faux Design

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The double of the original - Hôtel de la Marine
A project by Boris Deltchev and Vrai-Faux Design
in the framework of the project "Tempus Fugit"

29 September-23 October 2021, Structura Gallery

The building, known as the Hôtel de la Marine, was built to plans by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, chief architect to King Ludwig XV in 1757. Seven years later, it housed the king's collection of furniture. The palace, located in the centre of Paris on Place de la Concorde, was for 226 years the headquarters of the Ministry of the French Navy.

The building was entrusted to the Centre national des monuments de France (CMN) by a decision of the French government in 2014. After a series of studies, it was decided to open the iconic building to the public. The newest state museum once again affirms the global splendour of French tradition and culture, as well as the inextricably linked achievements in areas such as gastronomy, fashion, accessories, furnishings, fabrics, porcelain, mirrors and others that make up the concept that has become popular today as "l'art de vivre à la française" (the art of living the French way). Work on the restoration and transformation of the building into a museum began in 2017 and was completed on 12 June 2021 with a grand opening by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

The Hôtel de la Marine is a brilliant example of 18th century neoclassical aesthetics. Its impressive architecture and lavish exterior and interior decoration are intended to represent France's power, the rise of its economy, its refined taste for arts and crafts, and especially the French fondness for luxury.

In September 2020 Boris Deltchev and his artistic team Vrai-Faux Design won a state contract for Lot 19: "Reproduction and wallpapering", as part of the restoration and transformation of the Hotel de la Marine into a national museum of France. This includes: a survey of the partially preserved wallpapers found on site, their removal, restoration and conservation; an in-depth study of the 18th century wallpapers. The research and conservation of the wallpapers, which have been discovered in the repositories of the Museum of Decorative Arts, located in the north-west wing of the Louvre, with the special assistance of its director; the recreation of the originals and their spirit by means of a technique as close as possible to the authentic and aiming at total imitation; hand-printing the wallpapers that once existed, identified by the descriptions in the preserved inventory book of the palace with its 850 pages of detailed descriptions of the interior; ageing the newly printed wallpapers in order to recreate and complete the poetry of this extraordinary place; the installation of 12 different wallpaper patterns in the characteristic style of the period in rooms on the first floor; the restoration of hand-painted Chinese wallpapers (owned by the Centre for National Monuments of France) and their adaptation to the restored interiors, part of the exhibition space; the creation, using authentic Chinese techniques, of an additional quantity of Chinese wallpapers for places where the originals are missing or in short supply.

Involvement of a foreign team in a restoration and conservation project of historic monuments of major national importance for France does not generally happen. Vre-Fo Design makes an exception, being the only foreign participant (among nearly 60 French companies) in the realization of this prestigious project.

- - -

Boris Deltchev (b. 1968) is an artist-decorator who is very keen to think of interiors more as inhabitable works. The interior can be contemplated as an intimate landscape of being in which art is existentially necessary and no less valuable than physical comfort. To achieve uniqueness and depth in each place he is invited to transform, he relies primarily on the immediate magic of human dexterity.

Boris Deltchev completed his secondary education at the National School of Fine Arts in Sofia, graduated from the The Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and later at the Van Der Kelen Institute in Brussels, where he was awarded the gold medal of the legendary institution.

In 2000 he founded the creative team Vrai-Faux Design. Deltchev invited his colleagues in an attempt to revive the principle of Renaissance bottega - a studio where artists learn and inspire each other during the creative process, and together forge the conceptual and material body of the project entrusted to them. What unites this small community of artists is a piety for artful gesture and the alchemy of painterly technologies carried through the centuries to the present day.

Boris Deltchev and Vrai-Faux work for renowned clients such as Xavier Guerrand- Hermès, Maja Hoffmann-La Roche, Christian Louboutin, Prince Charles-Louis d' d’Orléans, Rebecca Robertson, Lucien Arkas, Lucien Arkas. Their production revives castles such as Château de Ravel, Killua Castle, Château de Courtoin, Heltorf Schloss, Château Saint-Germain-Les-Corbeil, city palaces such as l' Hôtel de Gesvres in Paris, Dalloul in Beirut, l'Hôtel Lullin-de-Saussure in Geneva and many others. They also undertook major projects on the interiors of public buildings, such as the Palais de l'Hôtel de la Marine on Place de la Concorde, which has become the latest legend of French taste and the beginning of a new, even higher standard in museum work, Ciragan Palace, the iconic Istanbul Hotel on the banks of the Bosphorus, Crown Plaza in Istanbul, the A.I.R Building in New York, the Balkansky Foundation, the Radisson Hotel in Sofia, the celebrated Café de Paris of the Costes brand, the Thoumieux patisserie in Paris, the Philippe Starck-designed sailing yacht “A” White Pearl.

Vrai-Faux’s interventions in historic buildings of paramount importance for world culture are unthinkable without the expert patronage of the unsurpassed decorators Michel Charrière & Joseph Achkar. Vrai-Faux regularly collaborates and exchanges ideas with the "Queen of Colour" and star of contemporary design, India Mahdavi.

In 2017, Boris Delchev was awarded a medal by the French government as a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters (Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres).

For the Hôtel de la Marine worked:
Boris Delchev - artist
Elena Sharbe - restorer
Yordan Todorov - artist
Diana Bakalova - artist
Nikolina Koleva - restorer
Ivan Alexander Todorov - artist
Daniel Penkov - artist
Elia Stavreva - restorer
Mira Tisheva - artist
Gergana Kozhuharova - artist
Mircho Mirchev - artist
Yassen Ivanchev - artist
Silvia Papadaki - restorer
Laura Nikolaeva - photographer
Petar Petrov - photographer
Alexander Georgieva - photographer
Milena Decheva - wallpaper specialist
Julia Nakova - art and digital processing
Sasha Krustarska - artist
Adriana Andreeva - project manager
Within the frame of the Tempus Fugit project.
In cooperation with the French Institute in Bulgaria and Goethe-Institut Bulgaria within the framework of the Franco-German Cultural Fund.