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Man Male Masculine KolkataGoethe-Institut Kolkata

M3: Man, Male, Masculine

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata aims to engage with teenagers and the public in Kolkata, coming from all walks of life through two different projects focusing on masculinity.

The projects will review, revisit, deconstruct and move towards re-defining what masculinity means today. What has changed in the meaning of the term masculinity and its manifestation in our society and our lives today? The cumulative results of the projects will take on to expand and reimagine what “being a man” might mean in our lives and in our society at large.

About the projects

Images of Men generic image © A432 Productions/Image credit: Durjoy Choudhury

Images of Men

Cultural approaches have been key to challenging gender constructs and this project uses visual art, movement and storytelling as powerful tools for dialogues around masculinity with students.

Mass-Q-Line generic image © A432 Productions/Image credit: Harsh Doshi


The project is planned to be executed by visual artist Sumantra Mukherjee along with Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata based on discussions about ‘Masculinity’ - and its interpretations in Bengal through questioning some stereotypical surface identities that it denotes today.

Short film: "A real man would never..."

Goethe-Institut Kolkatta


Hamdasti © Hamdasti

Hamdasti, meaning partnership in Persian, is a non-profit arts organization based in Kolkata, India that develops collaborations between artists and communities. They believe that art and design play a critical role in creating public platforms for dialogue, interaction, civic participation and social engagement. 

ThinkArts Logo © Think Arts Foundation

ThinkArts was founded in December 2013 to facilitate high quality, transformative arts events for children and young adults, based on the belief that regular creative experiences are essential for children to develop their imagination and emotional intelligence. They have reached thousands of children and young people across India through their work in schools, museums, heritage spaces and theatres. Think Arts has collaborated with over 75 partners across India and internationally to bring a diverse programme of literary, visual art, dance, theatre and story-telling events to children and young people in several cities across India.

Sumantra Mukherjee © Sumantra Mukherjee

Sumantra Mukherjee is an independent freelance artist, who divides his time painting in his studio and sharing his artistic creations and expressions in community and public spaces engaging people. He also does illustrations and graphic novels for children, posters, murals and sculpture using mixed media for initiating dialogues between the arts and common people through their responses and expressions.