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M3: Man, Male, Masculine

Männerbilder Key Visual

M3: Man, Male, Masculine is the South-Asian regional project on the theme of Masculinities. The project aims to discuss current visions of masculinity with children and young adults of both genders in India and Bangladesh. 

The idea is to provide - through various perspectives and formats, a chance to not only develop an understanding of stereotypes and role models, but also reflect on individual ideas of masculinity. Further the project aspires to encourage, through cultural educational projects using creative artistic tools such as photography, film, theatre plays, and graphic novels, children and young adults to critically question existing ideals of masculinity and to actively promote gender-equitable practices.
The intention is to develop various formats in cooperation with experts on education and mental health, NGOs, and teachers and then to implement these programs in educational fields as well as in the general public environment. 
This exclusive Homepage would focus on masculinities in general with a particular emphasis on the prevailing scenario in India and Bangladesh. 
M3: Man, Male, Masculine as the project is titled includes topics such as Masculinity and Power, Masculinity in the media, Performing Masculinity, etc.
As a highlight to this project the Goethe-Institutes in India & Bangladesh, in an international conference will bring together intellectual and cultural perspectives from experts and artists from South Asia and Europe on the theme of masculinities on 3rd and 4th September 2021. A multi-faceted approach through discussions, exhibitions, workshops, and performances will keep audiences engaged interestingly. The online conference will be via Zoom and requires registration in advance for the different sessions.